Barry Twohig



Category:  Formerly A1, Would like to be A3

Years with Blarney:  9 years on this occasion, raced with Blarney when I was under 12 also. I can remember getting my first CMP jersey off Kay Stratton many years ago. When the Blarney club faded away in the 90’s I went to Cork CC and Tony McGrath.

Favourite cyclist:  Don’t really follow the pro scene that closely but as regards influential cyclists I have encountered, Donal Crowley was someone I looked up to.

Which of the following best describes you as a cyclist; Sprinter/Climber/Time Trialist/Puncheur/Rouleur:  Caveman.

Most memorable cycling events/races you took part in: World Junior Cycling championship Slovenia 96, European Youth Olympics Bath, England 95, more recently the Suir valley 2012.

Best results: 1st place at Junior tour of Ireland 1996, 1st place at Suir valley 3 day 2012


Favourite race circuit:  Original Blarney village crit circuit.

Favourite climb: Boreen Dearg

Goals for 2018: Try and get out training in the evenings.

How have you benefited from being a member of Blarney CC? Being a member of Blarney has kept the interest in the sport going for me. I would probably have never gone back racing in my 30’s without being in the club.

Advice you’d give to someone new to competitive cycling: Stay safe, the roads seem more dangerous than ever to me and “Get up the *uc*ing road” as a wise man said.