Kieran Creane takes first round of the Blarney CC Summer league

Kieran Creane wins overall after strong performance on final night of round 1, Ronan Twomey u14 Cork County Will’s Wheels won the event after an impressive solo effort. Full result and overall…


Results from Wed 16th of May
1st Ronan Twomey u14
2nd Barry Twohig
3rd Denis Forest
4th Eddie Barry
5th Kieran Creane
6th Finbarr O Callaghan

Final results in round 1

1st Kieran Creane yellow jersey
2nd Mick Willams
3rd Finbarr O Callaghan
4th John O Connell
5th Barry Twohig
6th Denis Forrest
7th Eddie Barry
8th Bernard O Sullivan
9th Antony Maguire
10th Owen Sheehan

Most improved rider Bernard O Sullivan. Thanks to Wills Wheels for providing trophies,  Aidan – Blarney Cycles and Patsy Crowley for support cars, and all who helped over the course of the league.



Mick and Kieran Tied Going into last Round

This coming Wed 16th, Final race in the 1st round. Below are the last weeks results and the overall standing going into the final week of Round I. Thanks to all for helping and taking part.

Wed 9th May Results

1st Finbarr O Callaghan

2nd Denis Forest

3rd Barry Twohig

4th Bernard O Sullivan

5th Eddie Barry

6th John O Connell.

Standing so far:
1:  Mick Williams 34 Points and yellow jersey
2: Kieran Creane 34 points
3: Finbarr O Callaghan 30 points
4: John O Connell 30 points
5: Bernard O Sullivan 27 points
6: Denis Forrest 25 points
7: Aidan Forrest 25 points
8: Barry Twohig 24 points
9: Eddie Barry 22 points
10: Antony Maguire 22 points.

Gold – Fish, Mick Takes Round 1

Mick Williams took round 1 of the Summer League on a wet night when the scratch group failed to catch the front group. The front group rode well over a shorter course, Mick took the group gallop from Aidan Forrest and Creany.

On a cold and wet night, the handicapper may have felt a bit generous. Thanks to Pat Crowley for organising and to Will Curtain and  Mr Foley for doing support cars.

Results 18 Apr 2012

1. Mick Williams

2. Aidan Forrest

3. Kieran Creane

4. Finbarr O’Callaghan

5. Anthony Maguire – St. Finbarr’s

6. Bernard