BCC would like to welcome on board Halftime Boost

Blarney Cycling Club would like to welcome on board Halftime boost as a sponsor for the coming racing year.

Halftime Boost – Fulltime Results!
Halftime Boost is is designed with a unique combination of fast-acting carbohydrates to facilitate ultra quick energy delivery. Its generous glycemic content ensures your body is properly fuelled when you need it most. It restores glycogen levels in double quick time, aids energy recovery, offsets fatigue and improves concentration in those vital closing stages when one slip can mean the difference between winning and losing. Halftime Boost means that you can exercise hard straight after consumption with absolutely no gastric discomfort, making it ideal for bike racing/training. Halftime Boost Ltd. is an Irish company based in county Cork.

More details can be found at www.halftimeboost.com