Eddie Takes Final Round of League, Robert wins on the night

Well done to Ed Barry for winning the last round of the Blarney CC league of the summer, -ish we could call it the Autumn. A second place secured his first win after his numerous most aggressive rider slot. However Robert Forrest 
win was well deserved, after surviving the weekend in Charleville. Robert held the wheel, seeing double as he only could admit, managed to overcome Ed in the sprint.

We would like to thank Pat C for his organisation of the league, without it, it would not happen – and all his work during the year, Terry for all his help – Best of luck to Cathal next week in London. Aidan, Dan, Kieran, Owen, Stephen for all your help during the year – we will get you a jersey), Brian & Tubs for helping out.  Well done to all for a great season.

Overall Results

  1. Ed Barry
  2. Barry Twohig
  3. Robert Forrest
  4. Denis Forrest
  5. Niall Forde

Best of luck to Mick in Castlebar on Sunday…

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“The Tiger” Roars To Victory

Barry Twohig wins after a final solo ride to the line after making a break from moto 1 on the loop.

* Next Week (7 Sept 2011) is the last week of the summer league, start 6.45pm sharp from the Gully at the start of the Waterloo Rd junction with Blarney. The route will be Blarney – Newcastle – Bweeng – Downey’s –  Shournagh Line.

Results 3 – 31/08/2011

  1. Barry “The Tiger” Twohig
  2. Finbarr
  3. Owen Sheehan
  4. Fiona Meade
  5. Vince
  6. Michael “The Runner” Linehan

Results 2 – 24/08/2011

  1. Eddie Barry
  2. Barry Twohig
  3. Denis Forrest
  4. Lauren
  5. Robert Forrest
  6. Niall Forde

Results 1 – 17/08/2011

2011 has been an absolute record breaking season for Blarney Cycling Club, from placings in nearly every race so far this season. And as the flaming cauldron of the cycling season is slowly coming to an end, the flames are still burning on the Wednesday Nights Performance Training Spin which have kicked into another 6 week spell of torture that lies ahead for the riders.

The  7 man scratch group were left go with a 4 min gap. Barry Twohig and Owen Sheehan once again teamed together to dominate this group with Barry stretching the group out with every climb and Owen rolling through with him. In the 2nd group once again Eddie “The Hawk” Barry made everyone suffer and as the 2nd groups came together just as they started the circuit “The Hawk” flew away from both groups. Eddie was then joined by Brendan “The Assassin” Mcloughlin and Barry “The Tiger” Twohig. Eddie then kicked into another gear and flew towards the line with “The Assassin” on his wheel.

At the finish “The Assassin” did not pull the trigger on the “The Hawk” and Eddie took the victory. Well done to Eddie “The Hawk” Barry for his display of swooping attacks that led to his victory.


  1. Eddie “The Hawk” Barry
  2. Brendan “The Assasin” McLoughlin
  3. Denis ” The Stallion” Forrest
  4. Niall “The Spark” Forde
  5. Robert “JR” Forest
  6. Barry ” The Tiger” Twohig