Damien wins, Brendan Takes overall in Round 3

The final night of round 3 of Blarney CC league ended with an overall win for Brendan McLoughlin,  Damien wins the race and Eddie takes most aggressive rider. No middle group tonight, so just 2 groups.  The scratch group worked well up the line, to reduce moto 1’s time gap. Attacks started early at the base of Downeys hill, with Eddie “1.725 The Crank” Barry first and numerous digs of the night, moving away from the scratch group. However the group managed to overhaul the gap. Eventually the elastic broke just before moto 1 and moto 2 merged when Eddie, Damo and Brendan managed to get away on the decent to Grenagh. Dillon Foley from St. Finbarrs managed to stay with the 3 for the majority of the loop, with a great ride but was eventually dropped. Damo took the sprint to make amends for last week.

Note: Round 4 starts next Wednesday the 17th Aug at 6.45pm sharp

Results 10/08/11

  1. Damien Barry
  2. Brendan McLoughlin
  3. Eddie Barry
  4. Denis Forrest
  5. Robert Forrest
  6. Niall Forde

Damien Brings the Yellow Jersey to the line

On wet night, the 3rd round of the league, Brendan overcame a puncture on the wood road to make it back into the leading bunch. Moto 1 worked hard over Bweeng and half way around the loop only to be caught  by moto 2 who had managed to open the gap on the scratch group up the line.  However the weather and a few mishaps allowed the chasing group to bridge the gap.

Eddie “1.725 Crank” kicked early with about a km to go after some frantic attacking from all quarters. However Damien and Brendan and held their sprint late and managed to haul back Eddie on the line. Brendan would like to thank Damo for bringing him to the line.

Results 03/08/2011

  1. Brendan McLoughlin
  2. Damien Barry
  3. Edward Barry
  4. Finbar O’Callaghan
  5. Denis Forrest
  6. Robert Forrest

Brendan Continues His Winning Form

Brendan McLoughlin won the second race of the 3rd phase of the summer league race. He won in a sprint finish on the Casey’s road, by half a wheel length from Damien “the bopper” barry. Third was Richie “heading for France” Barry followed by Denis “Aggie” Forrest. Next up by Muscles Mahony and Niall Forde. The turn out for the race was very good with 23 signed on.

Results 27/07/2011

  1. Brendan McLoughlin
  2. Damien Barry
  3. Richie Barry – St Finbarr’s
  4. Denis Forrest
  5. Dave O’Mahony
  6. Niall Forde

Brendan Takes Yellow on first night of lastest League

Brendan McLoughlin takes the win on the lastest round of the Blarney CC league, getting away with Ed Barry who attacked late on the loop. The chasing group worked hard to bridge the gap but the 2 stayed away to contest the sprint, with Denis only a few seconds down taking the goup gallop.

Results 20/07/2011

  1. Brendan McLoughlin
  2. Eddie Barry
  3. Denis Forrest
  4. Finbar O’Callaghan
  5. Steve Butler – DMG
  6. Niall Forde
  7. Mick Williams – St. Finbarr’s
  8. Brian O’Connell
  9. Michael Linehan
  10. Owen O’Connell